UK Tour (July 2015) to Now (April, 2016)!

Last year's (2015) UK tour was fantastic and so well received, I had an absolute ball!  It absolutely flew by, though (yes, I know I am terrible with keeping blog posts and site details up to date...!)  I had a…Read more

Love songs and... Umm... Chicken?

I have a fabulously talented sister who writes/directs and stars in small theatre shows.  Last year she debuted her show "I Like Chicken", which is a tongue-in-cheek comedy inspired by the experience of online dating and the profiles/people you come…Read more

Holidays and rest, finally! But first...

Whoever said being a self manged, independant artist was all hard work?  Well...  Whoever he or she is, they're certainly right! 

Okay, so maybe there's some fun and sun and beers in there along the way, but I gotta…Read more

Now what...?

So far, since thinking about starting this blog, I have updated numerous things on my facebook page and twitter, replied to people, messaged people, even updated parts of my website… What is it with starting a blog post?!

Hey,…Read more

The tour so far...

Wow, I am really loving being on the road!!  It's been so amazing to find some cool new venues, connect with some really great people (and fellow musicians) and catch up with a bunch of friends and family along the…Read more

New CD and Aussie Tour, just around the corner!

So… The CD launch is booked, yay!! It’s all happening on Friday, April 27th at The Empress Hotel in Fitzroy North and I have some amazing people getting involved. Keep an eye on the Gigs and Tours page of my…Read more

Brisbane bound!

That's right, I'm Brisbane bound next month!  My clever, clever sis got into QU, so I'm road tripping up the coast and staying a week in Brissy while she settles in.  Of course I couldn't resist the temptation to check…Read more

The sun is out, the sun is out!!!

I can't believe we are half way through November and it's an extremely exciting moment when we actually get some warmth and sunshine in Melbourne...!  Nevertheless, it is here today and I am LOVING it!!  Bring on summer - sunshine…Read more

Gigs Galore!


I know it seems as though I have "fallen off the planet" a little since my single launch, but never fear - I am still running around like a crazed idiot and keeping way too busy!  I've been…Read more