Busy Bee

It's been a busy little month for me!  I've been writing press releases and having photos done and organising my amazing band for the single launch!
I should get photos back by the end of this week (thanks to Damian W Vincenzi!) and all my press stuff is pretty much ready to go.
The single itself is finished, mixed, mastered and ready to go - I dropped copies off to RRR and PBS shows today, whoop!
What else....?
Oh!  My band!
These guys are brilliant, I can't wait for you to hear them play.  We're catching up again in a couple of weeks, then we are gonna have a sneaky 'secret' gig before the launch and then you all will get to hear them on September 16th at the launch.
I'm going out to press with my press release very, very soon and I'll also be uploading the single very, VERY soon!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled!
Can't wait for the launch - yay!!

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