Update - May 14th, 2011

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere"
Frank A Clark

Hey everyone!

Things are still a little crazy in my world, but I thought I'd take some time out and fill you in...

Recording and Release Plans
The new recordings are sounding so amazing! I can't wait for you all to hear them. It's gonna be a little while still, so I'm gonna say thanks now, in advance, for your patience! I recorded vocals last week, which is always a little daunting but was lots of fun, and we had the awesome and smiley Damian Vincenzi in for a while snapping pics. Loose plans for the EP at this stage are a single release in September, with the full EP set for release early next year. (I love you all for your patience!!!!!).

Online Stuff
I'm building my new website as we speak, which is looking pretty cool, and you all will be the first to know when it's off the ground. There'll be free stuff and exclusive previews for members as well as all the usual website stuff.
In other online news, though - I discovered a couple of weeks ago that people were actually following me on twitter! Okay, just a tiny following... But for someone who set up a twitter account for 'down the track' and didn't even know she had followers.... Well... Let's just say I've officially started tweeting. Here - www.twitter.com/Laura_K_Clarke. I make no promises - follow at your own risk!
I've also recently signed up to bandcamp, linkedin, reverbnation and soundcloud. If that all means nothing to you, then stay in that blissful place as long as you can! I'm feeling a little like I should just pack up and move into my laptop these days...

Saturday, May 21st @ The Brunswick Hotel - 2pm - LIVE RECORDING
Yep, I'll be recording this gig live with plans to use a couple of the tracks as B-Sides on the single.
I'm on stage 2pm-2:45pm and The Brunswick Hotel is at 140 Sydney Road, Brunswick.
Check out the Facebook event for this gig and all the info here.

Saturday, July 2nd - Newport Folk Festival

I'll be updating the info for this, as I receive it, via facebook here. I'll also email more details closer to the date.

Friday, July 29th - Melting Pot @ Vibe - Songwriters in the Round
123 Smith St, Fitzroy - From 7:30pm (TBC) - $5 on the door
I can't wait to hang out with these guys again at the end of July! I can't believe this will be my first round for 2011. Very excited about this one. Updated info will be posted here.

Thanks, as always, to you all for reading, and I hope you all are healthy and happy...

Laura :-) xo

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