Love songs and... Umm... Chicken?

I have a fabulously talented sister who writes/directs and stars in small theatre shows.  Last year she debuted her show "I Like Chicken", which is a tongue-in-cheek comedy inspired by the experience of online dating and the profiles/people you come across in that world. 

Said fabulously talented sister asked me if she could feature my song "Love Will Find You" in her show, and I decided we should also write a special song, just for it.  We bounced some ideas around and I set to work on creating what would become "These Games".  Both these songs feature stories of weird and wonderful dating/love experiences (some of them true stories!) and are a fun, lighthearted look at the world of relationships.  They were so much fun to write and continue to be so much fun to play and they get lots of laughs and smiles which I love.

In case you missed either one, here they both are:

Love Will Find You

These Games

Much love...  x

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