Gigs Galore!


I know it seems as though I have "fallen off the planet" a little since my single launch, but never fear - I am still running around like a crazed idiot and keeping way too busy!  I've been occupying my time with really, super fun stuff like...  Sorting out my tax and receipts so I can actually finally lodge my tax return (cross your fingers for me!).
But...  On a seriously exciting note...  I did manage to finally get back into the studio with Mo and finish off some editing and I have booked in my next mixing session with the Marvellous Mike at raretone for next week.  So the good news is that the EP is well on track for it's Feb/March release.  Yay!

I've also been busy booking some exciting gigs, including a night with the wonderfully talented Francesca de Valence from Brisbane, who I just adore.  Come along and say hi to us on November 24th at the Wesley Anne.  We'll have a comrade in Damian Rogers for the night, too.

I'm also lucky enough to be supporting Eran James in his final headlining show for 2011, after which he supports Elton John in his oudoor December gigs.  (So...  I guess that makes me the chick that is supporting the guy that is supporting Elton John...  I can live with that!)  Sunday November 27 at Gertrudes brown couch.

Last and definitely not least, I am really excited to be playing a Melbourne show with Sydney based blues extraordinaire Ray Beadle.  If you are yet to check out one of Rays shows...  Well, all I am going to say is you are MISSING OUT!  Come along to this one, why not - Sunday, December 4th at the Caravan Music Club in Oakeigh.

There are also whispers of some Sydney shows for me in December, but it's all just whispers and rumours at this stage, so keep that under your hat...  And keep your hat on!

Alrighty then - I'm off to the tax man!  Hope you all are doing something way more exciting....!

Peace  xo

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