Now what...?

So far, since thinking about starting this blog, I have updated numerous things on my facebook page and twitter, replied to people, messaged people, even updated parts of my website… What is it with starting a blog post?!

Hey, look at that – I’ve started! Okay, so that’s that out the way…

Now, where were we… ? Oh yes, the tour! What an amazing time I had!! I actually enjoyed driving around the countryside on my own and I dare say there might be a song or two born from all those hours spent inside my own head…
All the shows were fantastic, a great response everywhere and sold a good number of CD’s, so hopefully word is spreading. Favourite show of the tour…? The Wheatsheaf in Adelaide! Great crowd, great space and yummy, yummy pizza from Leighs Deli, across the road.
I’m already looking at another east coast tour, hoping for November, because… Well, why not?! (Yeah, this could get addictive!)

I had a couple of really fantastic ‘welcome home’ shows too – The Prince Bandroom with ‘Wexford’ & ‘The Sons of May’ was a really fun night, as were the two shows I had at The Empress, with ‘Eran James’ & ‘Anthony Ousback’ (NSW) and ‘Emmy Bryce’ & ‘Kelly Breuer’ (SA).

I’m joining forces with my old pal and super soul sister, ‘Kerryn Fields’, on August 26th for a bit of a special reunion type show at The Great Britain Hotel in Richmond. It’ll be almost a year since we have shared a show! Here’s the facebook invite with all the info

I’m looking at some festivals during the summer months at the moment, and will also get back into booking some more local gigs in the next few months.

Never a dull moment and very happy that you’re along for the ride!

Big thanks and hugs…


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