The sun is out, the sun is out!!!

I can't believe we are half way through November and it's an extremely exciting moment when we actually get some warmth and sunshine in Melbourne...!  Nevertheless, it is here today and I am LOVING it!!  Bring on summer - sunshine, music festivals, awesome gigs, beach buddies, suntan lotion, all the good fruits in season, skirts and flip flops...  Ahhhh yeah.  You get the idea!
What else....?  I got through lots of mixing last week - just trying to lock in a session drummer to get the finishing touches on 2 tracks and I am well on the way to meeting my deadline of mixing and mastering the whole EP before the year is out.  I'll be putting some sneak previews up very soon, stay tuned!
I've also just booked some Sydney and outter suburbs gigs supporting the amazingly talented Ray Beadle.  Weekend of December 9-11, they should be great shows and all the info is on my gigs and tours page, check it out!  If you are in town or have friends in town, please come along or send people in your place to say hello.
I had the pleasure of playing alongside Monique Brumby again last weekend too.  Mon graced the Play Like a Girl stage and, as always, I felt lucky to share a stage with her and her beautiful music. 
Don't forget November local (Melbourne) gigs coming up so so so so soon!!  I think that's all for now - I'm gonna get outta here and get out into that beautiful sunshine while it lasts!  What are you all up to?  Whatever it is, I hope enjoy it....
Peace xo

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