The tour so far...

Wow, I am really loving being on the road!!  It's been so amazing to find some cool new venues, connect with some really great people (and fellow musicians) and catch up with a bunch of friends and family along the way.

Song Summit in Sydney was just amazing and so, so inspiring.  I was busting to play some tunes by the time I got to Brisbane and the first gig was really fun and well received. 

"Brew" in the city centre is a hidden gem with amazing food and coffee and, now, live music on Thursday's.  The night started really well - I slipped over and fell on my butt whist making my way on to stage for sound check.  I knocked over some poor guys beer and probably still have a bruise, but once I'd got all that out the way, it was a great night!  Haha.

The Sugar Deli, in Scarborough, kindly hosted me for the Friday and Saturday nights and I just LOVED it there.  The food is amazing, the folk are lovely and there is a warm open fire for the rainy winter days up here.  The crowd was great and the shows were really well received.

Played at The Cave in Nobby's Beach on the Gold Coast last night and again, lovely crowd and awesome folk that run around making sure it's a great night (special mention to Mel who looks after the music, she's just beautiful!)

I'll be getting out of my PJ's soon I think (seeings how it's passed midday and the sun is actually out today!).  I'm playing in Palm Beach tonight and I think I'll head there early and pick me up a Ukelele :)  I saw one in a music shop there last time I passed through and... well, everyone needs a Uke these days, right?!  I can't wait to have a new toy, woo hoo!!

So...  So far, no complaints at all!  I've sold some CD's, got some new names on the email list and met some really great people and seen some amazing music.  It's a little bit sad to officially be on the 'home stretch' of the trip, but I have to admit, I am looking forward to getting home to my own bed/shower/room and catching up with everyone for hugs and beers or cups of tea!!!

Right then...  Back to it!!


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